Maxem’s Stern Cabin

Maxem has a traditional stern sleeping cabin with a place for a wood / coal burning heater.

However, when I purchased Maxem, and had a survey there were many negative comments about the safety of the current appliance which was an oven!

Although the oven looked good and was very traditional it was fitted very badly.

There was no protection against the heat generated by the chimney which caused  a fire risk and there were wooden cupboards very close which were also very dangerous.

The only way the surveyor would pass Maxem was if the oven was disconnected –  which I did!

Once the oven was disconnected, I also discovered that the firebox was cracked in many places significantly increasing the risk. Even how the chimney exited Maxem didn’t meet the safety requirements!

I decided that the best option was to re-design the area around the location and fit a more conventional wood burning heater. I did sell the “old” appliance on e-bay and got on with the job!  

I have never done any tiling but decided it was the best option!

I addition to tiling I also fitted a fire resistant with the approved gap between it and the internal wooden siding to protect against the heat which would be generated.

I also changed how the chimney would exit through the boat!

I did get to enjoy the tiling although doing it in the small space of the back cabin was quite challenging!

This is the new heater which works well and meets all the safety requirements.

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