Maxem – June 2020

For several months we have been unable to go to Maxem due to lockdown during the UK virus dangers.

However, on June 25th (my birthday) we decided to go to the boat!

We were very unsure what sort of condition she would be in and were relieved to find her in exceptionally good condition.

We were confident we would be able to get to Maxem without any risk of other people and had a plan to cancel if that were not possible.

The boat had not been plugged into the electricity for over 6 months so I was unsure the engine would start – but it did very easily, and we sat on her for over 3 hours with the engine running.

With Luca!

Our plan now is to go down to Maxem and give her a good clean inside and outside although it is not a big job and then chug into Skipton and return back to the mooring.